13 March 2012


Last night I had an accidental experiment that proves my theory that the choice to stay awake is important.

Lila has been teething all weekend and is continuing through today. She was the most miserable yesterday. Whimpy and whiny and clingy and needy. So, expecting mass sleeplessness, I figured it was as good a time as any to start the second book of The Hunger Games.

The little one had absolutely no trouble sleeping, however, and I promised Kim (and myself) that as soon as the current chapter was over (you can't just stop in books like this), the light would be off and I'd be on my way to a full night's sleep.

I next looked up at 6am - but only after turning the very last page and experiencing extreme frustration over not having access to the third book yet.

But, even after only getting my (for now) usual amount of sleep, there is a very significant difference. Today I am much more alert, cheerful, relaxed, and patient.

I'm also quite sore/stiff. Next time I will be more careful about my reading position.

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