27 April 2013

Week 17: Good

Project 52

The only thing that beats having a good time with friends is having a (safe) good time with friends at a bonfire.

I couldn't decide on my Week 52 picture . . . 
Want to help me pick?

These three are my favorites.

21 April 2013

Catching Up: Weeks 15 and 16

The pictures in this post were all taken with my phone, so the quality suffers a little. But I'm impressed with the technology that allows me to take decent pictures with a phone.

Week 15

Project 52
Tell Me a Story

52 Weeks Challenge

Week 16

Project 52
Low Light

52 Weeks Challenge

08 April 2013

Week 14: Part 2

This is the picture that I took for my 52 Weeks challenge. 

I find it to be a delightful contrast to a picture I took only a few months ago.

07 April 2013

Week 14: {clutter}

This week I only had the one theme to work with. The leader of the second photography challenge has been crazy busy. I did take a {free} picture anyway, but I haven't edited it yet. I'll try to post it tomorrow.

Project 52

Every day after school, our dining table winds up looking like this . . . Books, crayons, papers, and pencils all over the place, the pencil sharpener, drawers half-open, and crumbs and a paper towel left over from the toddler's snack at the other end.