26 February 2015

Week 8: 2015

Oops, this post is a day late. I have a better selection of pictures this week, I think. A couple even qualify for the low light theme of the month, finally. (The last two in this post.) I wonder how much of my difficulty with low light pictures came from trying to capture things that I don't have the skill or equipment necessary for.

I need to remember these limitations and creatively use what I have instead of what I wish I had.

All of these were taken with my SG4.

18 February 2015

Week 7: 2015

Didn't get a whole lot of low light study in this week. It's impossibly challenging to do with phone photography, and my old DSLR's auto-focus is crap in low light settings. I can't really blame it, though; my manual focus is crap in low light settings. Haha.

And of course, I must admit that my favorite picture of the week was not taken by myself. Selfies using a phone while posing with a unicorn are not the easiest thing in the world. But look it, Shuga is totally snuggling with me. *swoon*
That picture was taken before we rode in our third NWWJS ground poles class. We were 25 seconds slow with 4 faults, but we finished without any falling. That was my real goal this time. No ribbons, but Shuga and I did win the popularity contest of the day. Funny how unicorns do that.

11 February 2015

Week 6: 2015

All taken with my SG4. Phone photography does not handle low light situations very well. I think I need to get out the DSLR to work on this month's light focus.

04 February 2015

Week 5: 2015

I have SO many pictures I want to share from Comic Con, you guys. But since my favorites weren't taken by me, that's for another post.
I do have a relatively nice picture with my DSLR for this week, but I forgot about posting until I got into bed tonight. So I might include that one in next week's post. In the meantime, enjoy the phone photography.