26 March 2014


Two of the neighbour's lambs seemed to adopt me this morning. They followed along the fence wherever I went, and bleated when they couldn't see me.

Shuga and I rode today. The weather felt uncertain and the wind was a bit gusty, but it was a good ride. We rode about a mile, mostly trotting. She was a speed demon as usual, but remained respectful.

Even more importantly, we rode next to the tarp covered hay stacks, and while she was obviously still uncomfortable, she trusted me to not let her die. Progress, progress, progress.

She did slip into a canter for a few paces, and I almost didn't notice the difference. We'll explore that gait some more under Nancy's direction, perhaps this weekend. I'm also planning to try out ground poles. Maybe I'll even get up to the cross rails by the end of the summer.

I probably won't ever get higher than cross rails, though. I prefer my horse to keep her feet on the ground, thank you very much. But I have to give at least cross rails a try since Shuga has seemed to enjoy it in the past.


25 March 2014

at the farm

Communing with the next door sheep, and especially the little lambs.

All of us on the ATV, getting ready to groom the arena for all the riding that was going to happen.

Lila was brave enough to sit up straight instead of clinging to the saddle with her whole body.

Arabelle actually held onto the end of the reins for a little bit during her pony ride.

Yonah actually rode Shuga for the first time ever instead of getting a pony ride. He did pretty well, though he had trouble relaxing.

23 March 2014







goodbye, pat

Another funeral today. I swung by the farm immediately after and cried into Shuga's shoulder.




train up a child

12 March 2014


First we were below freezing; then we experienced the warmest temperatures we've had so far this year. Spring is coming.

11 March 2014

life goes on...

Once again, signs of spring remind me that life goes on... The lambs have gotten big enough to come out and play, and their bleatings fill the air.

We also had the second bird in the last couple weeks fly into the tack shed and forget the way out.

10 March 2014

hit where it hurts

I'll be honest: If there was ever a day to just give up on, it'd be this one. I'm very glad Shuga knows just when to add those much needed bright moments.

09 March 2014

pony birthday

I'm so grateful for my Shuga. I thought I really needed her last year with all the cancer news, but I'm thinking I need her even more this year. She holds me together while all the emotions heal.

I also took a picture of our new most-of-a-couch. They had to ship the pieces from a store branch in California and somehow the end piece of our sectional got lost. They have no idea where it is or even what state it's in. Hah!

I hadn't intended to share it on the blog until we have the last piece, but a picture of a piece of paper feels a bit lazy for my 365 picture challenge.

08 March 2014

horses and crochet

I finally got to go to one of the NWWJ shows! It looks tentatively fun. My goal for the summer is to get so confident at riding that Shuga and I can participate in the ground pole and possibly cross tie classes next winter. At least once.

Unfortunately I forgot my Nikon, so I didn't have the shutter speed needed for catching any of the jumps.

But I did remember to bring my crochet. I had so many people ask if I was knitting that I posted a PSA on Facebook. If you can't get mad about this, what else can you feel upset about?

07 March 2014

seven down

The tooth fairy visited again. She had to borrow a quarter from a certain piggy bank, though. Times are tough for fairies.

06 March 2014

personal space

Shuga and Saphyra were sharing so nicely... But everything changed when the camera came out.

Also, my work pants. It might be time for new ones . . . Maybe.

02 March 2014

never give up

Just when I'd finally given up on this plant, it surprised me by growing again.

01 March 2014

Celebrating Lula

I have been trying to think of words, but there are none.

We released 100 Chinese lanterns for Lula at the end of her service, while listening to music she had personally picked. It was magical and precious and glorious, just like the little girl we were celebrating.

This little video brings me to tears every time I watch it. I am reminded of where Lula is as she waits for us to reach the end of our slow path. She's done it. She's chasing the wind and touching the sky.

And it seems like all is dying and would leave the world to mourn
In the distance hear the laughter of the last unicorn
I'm alive! I'm alive!

-The Last Unicorn

the last few days




All the bunk bed pieces arrived so we finally got to get the girls set up.

These boxes each held a full twin sized bed. At first I was skeptical. Then I remembered traumatic Jack in the box childhood memories. In the end, it wasn't so bad. They'd vacuum sealed the mattresses and rolled them up tight. The springs sounded somewhat like popcorn kernels when the plastic was cut.

Yonah assembled the bottom bunk almost entirely by himself.

We had to rearrange the room to make the bed fit, and there's a lot less floor space to play on... But the girls are happy with their new bed. Arabelle says she really feels like Rapunzel now.


This picture basically sums Lila up. I love her guts.

Tonight everyone is celebrating Lula's life, so there will undoubtedly be more pictures for today.