16 March 2012


Today the kids and I made a spontaneous trip to the aquarium.

I was honestly expecting to be bored. After all, my first trip to an aquarium (that I remember, anyway) was in New Orleans. Certainly they would have a lot more stuff in the bigger city, right?

Certainly our aquarium is much smaller, but . . .

I don't remember an octopus in New Orleans. I don't remember nearly as many open tanks purposed for touching the fish, hermit crabs, clams, etc. There definitely weren't chameleons or an iguana. And while I remember seeing lots of sharks, I don't remember having the opportunity to feed and pet them. (We didn't actually do so today, though. The kids were too scared to touch any fish, and Lila too unhappy to let me try.)

Ours is also geared more for kids, so I didn't have to hoist the kids up so they could see nearly as often as I would need to in New Orleans. (That by itself wins first place in this young mom's book.)

Due to the trip's spontaneity, I didn't have my camera. But I was able to snap some shots with my phone - when Lila gave her permission, of course. Here's a taste of our day:

Less than 1/4 of the total fish in the tank. It was FULL.
The smaller octopus
This one, of course, is Pascal. For obviously Tangled reasons.
Since the other chameleon already had a name, Yonah named this one Hosky. We actually got to see him change color!

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