27 May 2013

Week 21: Free

Once again, last week's post is late.

And also the pictures were taken by iPhone and not the camera.

My camera battery is dead, and we have not been able to find either the backup battery or the charger since moving. This angers me.

Project 52

52 Weeks

I was tempted to climb up on the gazebo for a better shot, but decided I had better be a good example for the kids.

18 May 2013

Week 20: Bright

In memory of a dear friend:

Project 52

52 Weeks

Thank you for letting me love you.

12 May 2013

Week 19: Drama

There was plenty of drama last week as we prepared for the adventure of moving into our first house. There was lots of painting, lots of cleaning, lots of packing, and lots more cleaning.

But we're here, now!

The week ahead is going to be full of unpacking and, let's be honest, plenty of arguments about how things will be arranged in the new home.

Note: Before anyone whines about accuracy, I will admit these pictures were technically not taken last week. I just love these pictures from this morning so much more than any of the pictures I took during the correct time period. You'll forgive me just this once, right?

Project 52

(the pink in the vase is not photoshopped)

52 Weeks

I think the lady heading this one up is done, but I'm going to finish the year out on this challenge anyway.

04 May 2013

Week 18: Perspective

First of all, I must share some incredible news.

Remember that house we were trying to buy two months ago?

God gave it to us!

Why else would the seller put up with our realtor's desperate attempts to get the house, even though it so obviously wasn't going to work for us?

Even though that house would have been snatched up in an instant by someone else?

But the seller kept signing extensions.

Again and again.

And suddenly, miraculously, the loan was accepted.

The house is ours!

And now the following weekly pictures will make more sense.

52 Weeks Challenge

Project 52