21 December 2013


While I don't particularly enjoy working in fresh snow, it does make for a beautiful work environment.

16 December 2013

silly girls

Today Saphyra and Maya were more inseparable than usual. One was not ever more than a few steps away from the other. My instinct is that they were using the buddy system because of the fog's reduction of visibility.

Still, it was entertaining to watch them eating from the same hay pile all day... And licking the ice together instead of drinking from their heated water bucket. I don't think I've ever seen horses willingly share such a tiny area, let alone choose ice over readily available water.

12 December 2013

hypocrisy no more

Today I suddenly realized how very little energy I invest into my marriage. All my inner critiques of our lack of romance make me quite the hypocrite. So I'm going to try to bring back all the little things that I used to do . . .

Putting a little more effort into my appearance, for example. The goal here is primarily to make sure I'm not still wearing pajama bottoms when he gets home from work, but doing something with my hair each day would also be good.

11 December 2013

sisterly love

The girls were being very noisy while Yonah was trying to concentrate on schoolwork, so I asked them to play in their room until he was done. 20 minutes later there wasn't a single noise coming from that part of the house. I decided to see what havoc was being wreaked.

Instead I found that the girls were in lying quietly in bed for an early nap.

Arabelle tells me that she was helping Lila feel better because she had been crying.

10 December 2013

fetching water

There's a little song at the end of Disney's version of The Jungle Book that, for some reason, really resonated with my best friend and I. It is called My Own Home.

We were always singing it. It strongly influenced all our pretend games. It even played a large role in my love of reading and writing, as it whetted my appetite for exploring different cultural aspects.

I haven't thought of the tune in years.

But with a frozen hose at the horse farm today, I suddenly found myself the girl that "must go to fetch the water." The irony of that moment was too delicious.