10 March 2012


Yesterday, we took advantage of the beautiful weather by walking to a little nearby park. Yonah prefers it to the big one we live very close to. He says because he's "still a little bit little", the little park is best. I think what he really likes is the walk.

The little park, our usual destination, is too far for him to walk there and back yet - especially with the playing done while we're there. So for now he still rides in the double stroller. Really he's too big for it, but he hasn't yet mastered the concept of pedaling. He's very close. It's just difficult to learn when you've outgrown the bike you have.

(We're thinking of getting him a new bike next month for his birthday. Shh! It's a secret.)

Today, we got to turn off the heater and have all the windows open, enjoying the fresh air during our Dungeons and Dragons game.

It was also nice to be able to send the kids out to play when they were just a little too rambunctious for the indoors.

I'm definitely looking forward to more of these beautiful days.

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