19 March 2012

party plans

Today I've finally started plans regarding the 3-in-1 birthday party coming up. It's easier that way since all of them share the same birth month; but as the kids get older, with distinctly different interests, it becomes more challenging to find something that everyone likes and agrees on for the party theme. As Lila gets old enough to have an opinion, it'll be even more difficult.

We finally decided on the theme earlier. I had thought we had already decided on this last month, but they both ended up changing their minds. I wasn't too excited about the previous idea of hide-and-seek. Besides the blatantly obvious game (which neither child really understands the concept of), I was having a tough time thinking of other activities.

The new spy theme makes for easier planning. Especially since there is a specific TV show that they think of when they hear "spy".

. . . I may have deliberately influenced their decision by humming the song as they tried to think of a theme they both like and agree on. Who says Jedi mind control is just fiction?

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