28 March 2011

little ears

Today I remembered that I need to be more watchful of what I tell myself.

I was re-organizing the cupboards in the closet so that I can make better use of the space, and came across a little cardboard box. Inside this box were stashed several of my favorite necklaces, earrings, my two pocket watches, and assorted makeup - most of which were my most frequently used items. I had given all of these up as lost, somewhat bitterly I must admit. So finding that Kim had assisted in storing them and neglected to mention that he had done so (undoubtedly unaware that they were so special to me) made me start mentally grumbling.

Apparently my grumbling leaked from my thoughts to my mouth, because half an hour later the following conversation took place:

Yonah: Ugh. I'm so mad at my Daddy.

Me: What? Why in the world are you mad at him?

Yonah: Because he put my special directions [note: he's big on written instructions right now] somewhere. And I can't find them! He's a bad Daddy. You need to spank him.

Whoops. I guess I never really listened when Mom told me (frequently) growing up that there are little eyes and ears paying close attention to me.

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