26 June 2012

three things

We learned three things today:

1. The movie Brave is too scary for Yonah. (Unexpected.)

2. The movie Brave is not too scary for Arabelle. (Definitely unexpected.)

3. Lila is at that annoying stage where she is too old to nurse and snuggle quietly in the theater (in spite of timing it for nap). But she is also too young to really enjoy the movie.

It was good, though. I could pay just enough attention to know what was going on and even to (mostly) enjoy myself. And since Kim was completely oblivious to our struggles, I'm optimistic that no one else was disturbed.

All in all, a great movie and a (mostly) fun family outing. Here's to hoping next year there will be an equally good movie, and Lila will be less interested in dumping soda all over my lap when we watch it.

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