05 July 2012

4th of July

We celebrated once again with friends and family.

We got the official celebration started with a new tradition.

Anything involving The BUCKET! of Safety is, inherently, safe.
(According to some people.) 

Even when it looks like this.
(Note: This picture is from 2011. In 2012, The BUCKET! was only this mild
at the beginning of the evening. I just didn't get any decent shots of it this time.)

This year saw a new safety measure:
If you saw something unsafe, or someone being unsafe,
you grabbed a water balloon and chucked it at the person or fire.

The traditional, and possibly vintage, finale: The Frog Prince.

Frog Prince meets The BUCKET!

Any time your 4th of July celebration ends with this, you know you've had
a good time.

1 comment:

  1. Ya know, in retrospect I so should have come to this celebration...but at the time, watching old neighbors (fully grown men mind you) shooting Roman Candles at each other was exceedingly entertaining. Especially as all the moms stood back and said "Kids, the surgeon general's warning states: Do NOT do as your father does". :-p