24 May 2012


I really hate driving. I do not trust the drivers (or pedestrians, or cyclists) around me. I do not trust my reflexes to be fast enough if someone isn't paying attention. I am terrified that, no matter how careful I am, I will wind up in a wreck. And the likelihood is that my kids would be in that car with me.

Today, I witnessed that fear become real life for other people. It was more shocking than I'd imagined. There wasn't any slow motion. The crash happened so fast I hardly had time to recognize it.

Two vehicles just suddenly span away from each other after what appeared to be a head-on collision.

It only lasted a few seconds.

I don't understand how something so quick can do so much damage. And yet, I had to help keep the boy calm and still, despite the blood all over his face; first while waiting for the paramedics to arrive, and then while waiting for them to remove the unresponsive adult from the car first.

Thanks to emergency vehicles unintentionally blocking in my car, I got to see the whole messy affair, from start to almost finish.

I still feel sick from it all.

For a teeny bit more information, here is the link.

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