17 May 2012

moving forward

The flow of my life became stagnant. Instead of paddling forward, I just sat. Slumped. Sinking.

This week I decided that I am done with that. I won't get anywhere if I don't make myself get there.

My ultimate plan for my life involves using horses that I own as a ministry for kids struggling with depression and other such similar issues. (With a slight focus on teenage girls, since that was when I most needed horse time.)

The only problem is . . .

Horses are expensive. Otherwise, I'd have one already.

I know God will bring the finances required when we are ready for them. But there are things I can do now to prepare.

For instance:

Today I began helping a friend with two retired horses at the ranch she lives on. I get to do all the nice-to-have-done-but-not-crucial-to-survival things, like grooming. She's going to be teaching me lots more horse know-how.

Earlier this week I began volunteering at Blazing Hope Youth Family Ranch. Essentially, they do what I plan to. I'm excited to not only learn the ropes of the ministry and spend some extra time around horses, but also to help bless the lives of the kids involved.

I've learned that I'm so horse crazy that I find spending hours detangling manes and tails, or even mucking out stalls, to be heavenly. It is hard work, but it is good work. The kind that leaves me happy and peaceful. Refreshed.

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