23 April 2012


Every day at breakfast, Yonah asks me a question. It's always the same.

"So, what's for dinner tonight?"

I'll think for a minute, weighing the ingredients we have against what I know the kids will eat, which is then weighed against what I'm willing to make (or eat). Then my answer is given.

Every single day, I hear something in response. It is not always worded the same, but the suggestion never changes. Today, this was the version I heard:

"Hmm. Well, I think we should have noodles instead. Noodles matches dinner better, don't you think?"


Over the past year, I have come to hate noodles.

Ask either of them what they want to eat, and you'll get the same answer.

Yonah's "How about some noodles?"

Or Arabelle's "Nunus!"

Sometimes I can convince them that macaroni and cheese or ravioli count as noodles. But those times are pretty rare. Most of the time, "noodles" just means spaghetti. Or ramen noodles.

On the plus side, at least there is something they will eat every time it's made.

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