31 May 2011

why i need stuff

If I had more than what I have, I would be able to . . .

Keep the house clean all the time.  Not feel restless.  Play outside every day.  Stay in better shape.  Eat healthier foods.  Use coupons.  Manage my time better.  Have more motivation.  Write every day.  Be more involved in my kids' lives.

The list goes on and on.  Granted, some of it is true.  The upgrade from our bulky, huge TV to a wall mounted flat screen, as well as ditching the huge sectional couch for smaller pieces of furniture literally gave us breathing room, not to mention more floor space.  There are other upgrades and improvements that would make things much better for us.

But quite a few of my ideas are based on the assumption that if it's easier to make good choices then I will make them.  Which can be true.  But would I really get us out in a backyard every day when we so rarely frequent the wonderful parks within walking distance of us?  A backyard might bring outdoor fun quite literally to our door, but it would still be easiest to stay inside.  And judging by how much of my "me" time I spend on Facebook, I doubt the little bit more that decent appliances would give me would have any impact on how much writing I get done every day.

The problem isn't the lack of these things, but that I use not having them as an excuse to not do what I know I should, and can, be doing.

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