09 May 2011


While Kim was home on leave, one of our family activities was going to Build a Bear. He was skeptical about this helping; before he left we took them there to get special animals for them, and these were only marginally successful. But I think I understand why I was disappointed in how much they clung to those special toys:

For Yonah, he has sad memories of that first trip to Build a Bear. He had been overwhelmed by the excitement that is unique to that store, so Kim had more or less chosen a bear. He has mentioned more times than I can count that he wanted the blue one instead, and remembers crying because he was sad that he didn't get it. (I don't remember him crying, but he is adamant about this fact,) For Arabelle, I was more involved in the process of selecting and making than Kim was, and it was also too far from the time he left for it to be meaningful that way. So, while she has appreciated her Flopsy bunny, it hasn't been nearly as special as I was hoping.

Whatever the reason, these kids have a cemented friendship with these new bears. Bedtime simply cannot happen without them. When the kids really miss their Daddy, those bears are sure to be seen. Arabelle's Rosette tends to make more appearances for this reason. Peeksy (Foo Foo) has also helped Yonah forgive Bear for not being blue.

We also got a bear for Lila, which Kim picked out and named Selene. He thought that a bit silly since she's just a baby. I guess it was a little more for me at this point. But at least she will always have a special bear, too, so she won't ever feel like he doesn't love her as much as her siblings.

So my moment tonight was watching my two oldest falling asleep under the stars and moon of Yonah's special night light, their bears snuggled closely up to their sides.

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