17 July 2011

oh yeah, I have a blog

Previously I have cursed my forgetfulness, and sometimes I still do: like today when I lost my keys while we were running very late. But lately I have begun to seriously impress myself.

Yonah recently had dental surgery to repair the extensive damage in his mouth. I very carefully and deliberately filed every single piece of paper regarding it in our important papers box. Not a single one remained where I put it, and I know beyond any doubt that no children were able to get into the box. Only the non-important ones have surfaced.

A few weeks ago I managed to lose my computer. Granted, it is only a laptop, but I use it every single day. (When it's working, that is. Right now a friend is convincing it to function after Arabelle gave it a bath.)

I completely forgot that I have a blog. If Google+ hadn't randomly reminded me about it, I still would be blissfully unaware.

I have started mandatory child counting before entering or leaving anything: car, house, building, park, whatever. With my growing skills I just can't be too careful. I dread the days when their friends start tagging along.

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