10 May 2011


Today's moment took place in the regions of almost yesterday. Lila has taken to wanting to play most of the night, and she is not appreciative of my efforts to change her mind. This usually results in my watching an episode or two of LOST while rocking her until she finally gives in to the soothing back and forth motion.

Last night; well, early this morning, she started dozing and kept smiling and smiling. I can't get over her smiles. Yonah and Arabelle would always start with the corners of their mouths, but Lila opens her mouth and then the corners curve up. Somehow it seems to brighten her face even more than the normal newborn smile. So I soaked in the smiles, LOST completely forgotten. And then . . . she <i>laughed</i>. Not a real, true laugh, but a very good first attempt. It was amazing.

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