21 July 2011

my worth

My church is hosting a Christmas sale at the end of November, and my sister-in-law and I are sharing a table. I've never seriously considered selling my crochet, so I'm nervous and excited. Maybe if the sale goes well then I could start supplementing our income on a regular basis.

But in the process of creating an inventory, I have run into a personal dilemma: how much should I charge? I had an initial thought, but began to question it. How can someone reasonably price homemade items? Looking for help I browsed Etsy's crocheted offerings, but came away dissatisfied. The majority have priced items ridiculously high, at least in my opinion. But is that simply because I would rather buy the yarn and make it myself?

I guess the real question is: What am I (my time) worth?

Looking for some guidance, I asked the advice of a friend who is in the craft business. Her suggested guidelines boosted my confidence in my original price. It feels right, as it did before I started second-guessing myself.

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