31 December 2010

some firsts

This year, I'm doing something different.  On previous New Year's, I've mourned the lasts while looking forward to the firsts to come.

Today, I'm rejoicing over this past year's firsts:

  • I turned 22 for the first time.
  • We had the first ever double birthday party for the kids.  It was also the first themed birthday party we've ever done.  (The closest we got before that was the LOST map I spent hours creating on the top of my birthday cake this year.)
  • For our 4th anniversary, we did a vow renewal with our closest friends, family, and favorite pastor.
  • We had our first real honeymoon, also in celebration of our anniversary.
  • It was the first year since getting married that we did not move to a different apartment.
  • We began our first deployment.
  • I had my first plane ride.
  • I got to see elephants, gorillas, flamingos, white tigers, sting rays, sharks, jelly fish, and more for the very first time in real life.
  • I got my first "real" camera.
  • It was the first Christmas Yonah was old enough to really get into.

Some firsts that I'm looking forward to in the upcoming year are:

  • The first baby born in a wonderful birthing center.
  • Arabelle's first experience as an older sister.
  • The first year my son will "officially" begin homeschooling, even if it's just preschool.  (Is he really that old already?)
  • The first homecoming after a deployment.


  1. There are some wonderful memories in this list. I am interested to know how the birthing center is; I'm not at the point of having a child (yet!), but I'm beginning to look at options, and I know little to nothing about any options besides a hospital. But I really dislike hospitals, so alternatives are extremely welcome. I'd love to hear your thoughts sometime about it!

  2. You will soon discover not to ask me about childbirth unless you want an earful. ;)

    I'll get a post up soon comparing my three experiences for you. It's definitely something I'm passionate about.