28 December 2010

small blessings

Today has been one of those days where my patience is being severely tested in many different areas.  I wish I could say I was coming close to passing for at least one of the tests, but that would, unfortunately, be a massive exaggeration.

But instead of focusing on how I failed, getting more and more miserable in my efforts as the day progressed, I want to share with you the conversation that occurred, which magically erased any grumpiness I could have felt as a result of the kind of day I'd had.  It took place on our way (an hour late) to discipleship group:

M:  I'm sorry, guys.  I had a really bad day and I was very frustrated, but that's no excuse for how I was acting.  Nobody should act that way, ever, no matter how upset they are.  I shouldn't have yelled as much, or said any of those mean words.
Y:  That's okay.  It was an accident, and accidents happen!  I know next time you'll use happy words.
M: Aww, thank you.  Thank you very much.  I will for sure try to use happy words next time.
(brief pause)
Y:  I'm frustrated, too.
M:  Oh?  Why are you frustrated?
Y:  Because I'm frustrated with Frank.  (His aunt.)
M:  Why are you frustrated with her?
Y:  Well, because she's a girl.
M:  What?  Why is it bad to be a girl?
Y:  Because it's mean.
M:  Why?
Y:  Because it's mean to me!  She should be a boy.

His gentle and loving response to my amends soothed away the guilt I was feeling; the following conversation brought a smile to both my lips and my heart.  Thank God I have this wonderful boy in my life.

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