29 October 2010

sounds and letters

Am I the only one who's ever stopped to wonder at the rules of language?  I mean, who decided on them?  More importantly, why do we continue to abide by them, when so often rules contradict each other?

I can completely disorient myself from the rules of language when I say or write the same word over and over and over and over again.  It loses its meaning and becomes a mere noise.  Once it reaches that stage, it's like my mouth struggles to even make the shape necessary for the noise.  It's just nonsensical.  Likewise, writing a word again and again and again makes it lose its meaning.  It becomes nothing more than a random grouping of letters.  Why do we spell things the way we do, after all?

For example, recently this occurred when I spent a lot of thought deciding on the name for this blog.  I became so disoriented that I could no longer figure out on my own how to write "discipline".  Of course the effect only lasted until I woke up the following morning, but it was a very odd feeling that I won't ever entirely forget.

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