21 January 2015

Week 3: 2015

I got quite a few awesome pictures in this last week, all of them with my SG4. There hasn't been a whole lot of reflective light for me to use since it's been so gloomy foggy, but I have definitely had more awareness of the light around me, and I feel like I'm getting better at using it to improve the quality of my pictures.

These are my absolute favorites of the bunch: 

To understand why this picture of Lila and Cinnamon is so special to my heart, we must backtrack to last month:

Cinnamon has big, big shoes to fill. Not just Lucy's, but Tardis' and good ol' Scamp's, too. (Because any dog I ever have has to live up to Scamp's legacy.) The pup isn't there yet, but she's getting closer.

As much as I love the previous pictures, this one has to be my favorite of the entire year so far:

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