26 March 2014


Two of the neighbour's lambs seemed to adopt me this morning. They followed along the fence wherever I went, and bleated when they couldn't see me.

Shuga and I rode today. The weather felt uncertain and the wind was a bit gusty, but it was a good ride. We rode about a mile, mostly trotting. She was a speed demon as usual, but remained respectful.

Even more importantly, we rode next to the tarp covered hay stacks, and while she was obviously still uncomfortable, she trusted me to not let her die. Progress, progress, progress.

She did slip into a canter for a few paces, and I almost didn't notice the difference. We'll explore that gait some more under Nancy's direction, perhaps this weekend. I'm also planning to try out ground poles. Maybe I'll even get up to the cross rails by the end of the summer.

I probably won't ever get higher than cross rails, though. I prefer my horse to keep her feet on the ground, thank you very much. But I have to give at least cross rails a try since Shuga has seemed to enjoy it in the past.

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