06 January 2013

January Sketch-A-Day Week One

I didn't learn about the Sketch-A-Day group until after midnight on January 1st, so I'm one sketch short. I'll catch it up on the first of February.

I am not being critical of my work.

I know that there is much room for improvement just as I know I will improve with practice. All I am doing right now is getting myself in the habit of drawing again. I am relearning how to let myself go and create.

But I have noticed already that posting my sketches for others to see allows me to look at them more closely. I become more aware of specific areas that I can focus on improving.

Each sketch becomes a little more confident, a little more brave.

This, my first sketch, is an attempt at my dream barn.
(Crayon on construction paper.)

The little boy I babysit was the inspiration and model for this one.
(Pencil with a teeny bit of crayon on regular paper.)

Aravis, before an eager toddler tackled her.
(Pencil on regular paper.)

Returning to horses. Horses used to be the only thing I drew.
(Pencil on regular paper.)

Drawing humans scares me, so this sketch was a huge step for me.
(Pencil on regular paper.)

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