05 January 2013

2013: Week One

I've joined a couple more photo challenges. These are both once a week for the year.

Taking a picture each day during December was fun, but it was really hard to pull it off. Two pictures a week should give me some breathing room while still challenging me to exercise my photography and really see the world I live in.

Both challenges are in Facebook photography groups, so the pictures I take for them have a different watermark on them. At least for the time being. I'm still trying to decide what I'm wanting to do. It feels weird to use this blog's watermark in photography groups when it's just a personal blog. But it also feels weird to use two different watermarks.

Kim says I'm just too paranoid. Come to think of it, he's probably right.

Moving on.

The first of these challenges is a simple 52 Week Challenge. This week's theme was Light. I re-used a picture you have seen already, because I am in love with it.

The second challenge is Light up Your Life | Project 52. It has an underlying theme throughout the year (Find the Light) as well as an inspiration word/phrase for each week. This week's inspiration was Break the Rule of Thirds.

I chose this picture because the light caught her unshed tear quite nicely. Also, the picture just cracks me up every time I see it. She was completely heartbroken when I wiped the snot off her face.

Of course there were some runners-up.

 The first one was originally going to be my photo of the week. It was discarded because it isn't focused properly, and it accidentally follows the Rule of Thirds. Oops.

The other two just didn't quite have the spark I was looking for.

I'm also part of a Sketch-A-Day group for January. Last month's successful photo project has really inspired me to keep moving forward artistically. As intimidating as photography can be for me, sketches are worse.

There is a very discouraging disconnect between what my mind sees and what my fingers do. I let it psych me out. It's been at least 6 years since I last picked up a pencil to draw anything. So when I heard about the group starting up, I knew what I needed to do.

I'll share the sketches I've made so far tomorrow. This post is long enough as it is.

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  1. very nice pictures. I like Lila on the bookcase one the best.