01 December 2012

December Photo Project: Day 1

I was shocked to see that my last post was almost 5 months ago. Wasn't it last week? Wait a second, you're telling me it's December now? Sheesh. Where has this year gone?

I've decided to use the month of December to strengthen two habits that I can safely say are nonexistent. It started like this:

My friend posted a link to her blog today, in which she shared the first of a month's worth of photo-a-day pictures. It reminded me of how awful I am at updating this blog, and how awful I am at remembering to take pictures every day. So here I go. I am trying yet again, with the optimistic hope that I will be successful . . . and the pessimistic feeling that I won't.

I'm opening the door now for anyone interested to harass encourage me to see this through to the end.

There's also still time to join in if you want to.

Dreaming of Snow


  1. you can do it! although, every day is a lot to expect of any person.

  2. Thanks for the vote of confidence! :-)