11 December 2012

Day 11: Adventures in Paint

Today I attempted what seemed impossible.

I covered the table in wax paper.

I stripped the children of their clothes and tied their arts and crafts aprons on.

I selected three of my least favorite paintbrushes.

And then I set out the liquid paint.

They have painted many times before, but always with the dry watercolor sets.

The older two were much tidier than I expected. Lila, on the other hand . . . Well, it's nothing a bath can't fix.

But it is done. The house came through unscathed. And the ornaments have been painted.

Mostly, I sat back and supervised. But I did most of the details once they put the background color on.

I also painted the ornaments representing our family.

I painted them according to requested colors. I feel quite proud of my Aravis ornament.

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