16 April 2011

tough love

Tonight I found myself thinking of tough love.  Today has been a very difficult day.  In honor of her birthday tomorrow, Arabelle is acting like a bona fide 2-year-old.  One second she'll be playing happily with her brother, the next she's slapping and screaming and biting anything within reach.  Why?  Who needs a reason when you're at such a hard age?

Finally we fled to the outdoors.  Rain could not stop us from taking the break that both she and I needed.  I wouldn't let it.

Unfortunately, it was not a very long break.  I wish I could say that it was because the kids got chilly, or too muddy, or it was getting dark.  No, it was more of the 2's stuff.  She would not heed the boundaries, which is a serious issue when we are in a sad excuse for a non-fenced in yard.  So inside we headed after just barely more than 5 minutes.  But instead of feeling exasperation, I found myself thinking of God.

How many times has He given "soft" love only for me to throw it in His face and by my behavior insist on His getting tough?  It embarrasses me that I've lost count.

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