19 April 2011


Lila woke this morning at a little after 6. I tried futilely to get her back to sleep but she would have none of it. So I propped her up on my tummy with my legs as the back of her "chair" and as this upright position settled her squirmy fussiness down, I started dozing.

A few seconds later I snapped back to full alertness as the entirety of what I'd just observed dawned on me. This little newborn was watching the window light up as the sun rose. Awed, all thought of dozing discarded, I couldn't tear my eyes away. For over half an hour she sat and gazed at that window. Then, when it was as light as it will be until the sun is shining directly on it this afternoon, she fussed just enough to get me to try laying her down again... and she went back to sleep.

Something tells me this girl will love camping. After all, the best way to watch a sunrise is to wake up and slip outside the tent to breathe it all in...

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