02 November 2010

small victories

Today, if I get nothing else productive done, I will be confident in the fact that I managed to wash another load of laundry, clean up some of the mess in the bedroom, and fold a big armful of clothes.  It's a hard thing to decide - and it is a decision - to be content with small victories.  Maybe more needed to be done, but from now on I am going to be proud of what was actually accomplished.  I'm tired of ending each day feeling like a failure because I didn't take care of everything, so I'm going to change my mentality.  Tonight, I'll leave what was left unfinished for tomorrow.  I'm not going to tire myself out by going through the nightly regrets.

I'll also be confident in the "unproductive" things that I did - spending time with my kids, or getting some me time, or sending a letter, as some examples.  Because those are victories, too.

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