08 November 2010

bigger = better?

(The wireless internet was having some problems all day yesterday, so I'm extending the end date another day, to April 23rd, to compensate once again.)

I'd always believed that I lived in a city.  I would whine and complain to myself because I didn't live in the country.  I would rant about having to put up with city folk.  But that was before I came here.

This city more than dwarfs mine.  Our Walmart super centers have two main entrances; theirs has three.  We have one highway connector; I've lost track of how many there are here.  On and on.  It's a regular realization now that the city I live in is more a big town instead.

But bigger does not mean better.  We have more friendly faces, significantly less litter, visible street signs, regular postings of speed limits, and are pedestrian friendly.  With all the crosswalks, pedestrian lights, and pedestrian right of way that I'm used to, there is an enormous culture shock to be here where almost none of that exists.

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