18 February 2015

Week 7: 2015

Didn't get a whole lot of low light study in this week. It's impossibly challenging to do with phone photography, and my old DSLR's auto-focus is crap in low light settings. I can't really blame it, though; my manual focus is crap in low light settings. Haha.

And of course, I must admit that my favorite picture of the week was not taken by myself. Selfies using a phone while posing with a unicorn are not the easiest thing in the world. But look it, Shuga is totally snuggling with me. *swoon*
That picture was taken before we rode in our third NWWJS ground poles class. We were 25 seconds slow with 4 faults, but we finished without any falling. That was my real goal this time. No ribbons, but Shuga and I did win the popularity contest of the day. Funny how unicorns do that.

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