14 February 2014


I have been horribly, awfully sick this week, so I have a little catching up to do. The thing started on Tuesday, continued through Wednesday, cleared up just enough to get back to work Thursday, and got so bad again today that I had to go home early.

I'm hoping to use the weekend to swing myself back into good health.

Here are the stand-out moments (when I was alert enough to remember pictures):

It's been ages since the arena was this rideable. A pity I was too sick to take advantage of that window of opportunity. It's been raining almost constantly ever since.

Soup for my sick self, and an apple for Shuga's Valentine.

Rain does not sit well with my sick body, I learned today. It's a lesson I won't hurry to forget.

My constant companion, bodyguard, and shadow. If Shuga was smaller, she'd be curled up on the other side of me. Both of them get a bit protective when they sense something's wrong.

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