06 March 2013

Week 9: {new} {architecture} and an explanation

I'm still not sure how to share last week's post, but today I'm going to try.

Last month was a month of house shopping. It was an intense roller coaster of emotion, soaring in exhilaration only to crash into despair a moment later.

Houses were selling left and right. Many had offers accepted on them their very first day on the market. Many others had offers accepted almost the very instant we expressed an interest in them.

But we finally found our perfect house. The only real flaw was that it wasn't a horse property, but this I could deal with. Everything else was almost as if it had been made just for us. We rushed to put in an offer and it was accepted. In our minds we had already moved in. We were planning future expansions to make us even happier there.

Then everything unraveled with a phone call from the loan agent. He had been over-eager in pre-approving us, and the loan wasn't going through. Kim's suspicion that his job is too new was correct.

The crushing devastation we felt is pretty indescribable.

The loan agent and realtor are still working hard to make this happen if at all possible. We are still moving forward with the paperwork just in case God decides to pull a miracle out of thin air, but we are resolved that it won't happen. We feel far too raw to allow ourselves to hope.

I debated taking a different picture for the "New" inspiration, but ultimately I've decided against it. Even if the house is not our new home and future, the search for it was most certainly a new learning experience for us. We will feel more confident in our continued house search next year.

For New and Architecture, here is Week 9's picture:


  1. <3 Praying for the perfect situation for your entire family to unveil itself, however it can and whatever is best. I'm still so sorry that you've been dealing with this.

    "Hope deferred makes the heart sick."

    1. We do appreciate your prayers. Whether or not it happens this year, we'll own a house at some point. We know it and we are resting in that knowledge. But sucker punches really suck. A lot.

  2. That's a really big disappointment : ( I'm so sorry.

    1. It's okay. We'll move into a house of our own sooner or later. :-)